Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Meeting my first Blogging Buddy in The Flesh at Elkhorn.
 The pretty Jan from "Gracie's Cottage”.  I look beat from
the plane trip and getting lost driving to my hotel plus
getting up mega early to get first crack at all that cool stuff.

Tom from “American Pickers”  selling at
Elkhorn.  Wow...I was blown away and
couldn’t believe my eyes.

Everyone’s favorite hippie

 Tom was unbelievably funny on the show
and comes across like a true gentle 60’s soul.  I thought
people like him didn’t exist anymore.
I was so proud he was from Wisconsin.

I wish they had a female version of A.P.
Two women in search of the finds.  Heck yeah,
we can compete with the dudes and instead of all
the motorcycle stuff we’d be digging out the old dresses,
and hats and jewelry, the chippy dressers and chairs..

Elkhorn, Wisconsin.  I plan my trip back home around this flea market.
And now, through blogging, I actually know some of the
dealers and follow them.  It just adds more enjoyment
to the trip and makes you feel part of it all.

This would fly out of my booth at Wertz Brothers...
but a shipping nightmare.

I wish I could have brought this baby home...
You need to see the beautiful varnish crazing up close
to appreciate this piece.  It was a beautiful quarter-sawn oak
with amazing hardware.   I love workhorse pieces like this.

Wisconsin memories

Came real close to buying this but what a
hassle it would have been to pack and ship it.

Cedarburg, Wisconsin Maxwell Street Flea Market has been a favorite of mine
since the early 1980’s...

  I love these old Edwardian leather purses

so much...

So I bought all three.

This one’s a keeper for my own stash.

  Pricey but fab.   Did I want it...oh yeah.

What’s my dream trip for this year?    One word....Roundtop.
 I Want to go real bad so I’m putting it out there to the Universe... I would love to take a big trunk,
load that baby up with the loot, meet a lot of bloggers there,
 party down with them and have a first hand taste of Texas hospitality.


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