Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beatnheart is beating harder.

Time for my yearly trip back home and it is
going to be filled with so much sadness and pain.
My mother fell and broke her hip and at 91 years old
you know that that is not a good thing.  I am so
full of dread at seeing her... this time in not very
good shape both physically and mentally, lying
in a hospital bed and not walking on her own. I
am praying for strength and courage so I don't
break down and that I am strong enough to give
her some light and love.  I always say to myself
that this will be the last time that I see her but the
old gal just keeps on keeping on.   a miracle really.

There will be fun times too.  I’ll make sure of that.
I have some good friends to see, some music to hear
and play and a chance to have some quality time to
spend with my brother.   I have a flea  market in
Elkhorn, Wisconsin that I plan on going to and
old pals in Milwaukee to visit.

So hold down the bloggy fort and I’ll be back on August 18th.



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