Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Working on some new things and they are coming fast and furious...
a pair a day and that is very good for me.

Pantone color of the year Emerald Green

I do get trapped into a rut I can’t get out of sometimes and my brain
freezes and I get overwhelmed...this  week however I felt a real shift...
something happened.  For one thing I am a lot more confident in my abilities...

I’m making things longer and bigger...more of a statement.  I wore a pair of these
danglers out the other night and was amazed at how cool I felt...they
make such a statement that black turtleneck and jeans and my winter
cardigan looked new and modern...the swing and boldness of the
earrings made me feel with it and pretty.

My biggest thing seems to be that I start to think if i buy more
supplies that I’ll get more this is true in many ways
but a better approach seems to be the old use what you got...
so I started to dig deep in my piles and found some pretty neat
stuff I forgot about

It’s bloody freezing here...well for California standards...
like in the 50s at night...I know...I  know... the rest of you
are probably saying oh geez but for us thin skins its cold...
So I’m bundled up at my work bench and taking advantage
of this spell of productivity while it’s happening...
jammies barely come off as I get to work in the early morning
and keep at hands are hurting like hell but I just
do an Aleve and put on my hand braces and keep calm
and carry on.

ohh..i love these...making a pair to keeps.

And the ever popular bangle stacks using a bit of over-dyed
crochet sent to me by one of youse guys in our frantic
“Traveling Box” exchange days of yore.

keep warm...happy

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Belle Armoire Jewelry Winter 2013

I am in the latest issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine.

I got three pages  and boy oh boy what a absolute thrill...

So check it out ...on the stands at Barnes and Noble bookstores...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in 2013

Went to a beautiful neighborhood party where I played with my friend Mike on seven songs....
Had some delish food, met some wonderful new neighbors and then Mr. B and I headed home at 11:30 for our own private bringing in of  the New Year....

It has been quite a year...with many challenges and also many triumphs...I had highs and lows with
the Etsy shop but all in all it has turned out very well and I am very happy with it...

My work has been published twice now in Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine...a fantastic, impossible dream come true.

My music has moved forward with a lot more groups and gatherings and chances to play in public.
I realize that this year much more practice is in order for me to memorize things and have a good song
list at my fingertips...We were invited to a beautiful daytime party in SilverLake over looking the city...we ate black- eyed peas, greens and dirty rice to ring in the new year...supposedly to bring us good luck.   I played the uke with a mandolin player and stand up bass player...what fun to see people suddenly stand up out of their chairs and share in a sing a would never expect it in a group of sophisticated Hollywood types, but there you have it.  I love it...and people really remember me as the uke player now..”did you bring your uke” is the first thing I hear now when I walk into a gathering...
a real dream come true for me.

This year also had the passing away of my beloved mom, my glorious cat Princess, Ginger’s illness have all taken their toll on me and I feel more tired and drained than I use to be.

So this year ...I really just want more of the same...We are beginning to downsize our processions in
hopes of moving out of Southern California in two years time...we are thinking of going back to England...who’s all up in the air but I am ready for a new start somewhere else and a different country would be just about right...perhaps live in a gypsy caravan...tra la la.

Much peace, love and happiness to you all.   You have been so wonderful to sisters and
certainly best friends.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories and yourselves.
I raise my glass to your honor and the delight of our friendship and your companionship.

cynthia, Ginger and Giuseppe.


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