Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Window shopping in Venice

OK.    these are seriously cool shoes and if I had
an extra $600, I would buy them.

Venice no longer has the thrift stores and
hippie shops as in days of yore.

now we’re talking super pricey
super trendy
did I say super pricey....yikes

but such cute stuff..

want, want ,want

buy all 50 of em.

more stuff from the shop Bountiful.

I have been missing in action.
and for that I truly apologize.
My Etsy Shop has taken off and I’m
either taking pictures, posting, researching or
going to the Post Office.   Because
guess what?   I’m selling stuff...!
I even had someone send me a “convo”
because she found me via Lilac Lane Cottage.
Maura had been the cool lady that helped me
when I launched my jewelry boutique blog and
created my “button” for me cause in those
days I was mega lame about computers.  So,
it’s all connected...and people somehow manage
to find’s amazing to me...

So bear with me as I become successful....

Me doing the happy dance!


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