Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Done for another year.

   We are done with taxes and you probably could hear  a big, huge sigh of relief wherever you are.
My “earnings” are so meager, I don’t even know why I have to bother.  I guess I’m easier to get
stuff off of than the big guys with the gazzilions of dollars.  They probably pay less taxes than I do.
Hope they don’t catch me dodging the money I made from a little song we did inspired by them when I was with my little group.


Let’s talk about more important things...
more grown-up things 
like making beads and jewelry.
Here’s da beads

 Here’s what I made with them.


I took the aforementioned beads and then I
used some “decayed” bead caps meaning I took some nice
bright and shiny bead caps and then put them in Mr. B’s
"magic solution"...which takes off all the shiny crappy plating
and makes them nice and funk-a-fied.  
Then I hammered a piece of steel wire, put on some
vintage brass beads that I wish I had a million of
and attached the two together. 
  Then waxed them and buffed them.

I like the simplicity of these and the gentle lil sway
they have.  They’re like little, oh I don’t know church bells.

Now I’m off to put these in the shop and make my fortune!

A few of you have asked me if I wanted to sell some of the beads
that I’m making.  So I’m giving that some thought.  Perhaps I'll list
a few just for ducks and see how it flies.


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