Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stories to Tell...

I have been collecting religious icons for a long time now.
 I was raised Catholic and went to mass every morning
before school.   I loved the look of the old church, the smell of incense burning,
and the mystery of it all...

Celluloid cross on an infants crib.
Protecting the innocent baby from any harm
in the days when children were snatched from this earth
at alarming rates. 

When I started to buy and sell antiques for a living
I was able to go to Europe quite a few times.
It was there that I had access to the many beautiful things
from England, Belgium and France.  They
had an age and patina that was impossible
to resist.

Some I kept...

Old faded beauty

Years and years of gazing upon and
praying to.

Prayers that were answered and some
that were not...

How many fingers were dipped in the Holy Water
that was in this font?

Old worn pewter...
Perhaps it was on a convent wall?
Who knows of the history and story behind these objects.

I spend many a moment still gazing on these objects
and a silent prayer in a singular moment
springs from my lips as I pray like so many before me.

For Peace,  For Comfort,  For Hope...


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