Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday...

A time to reflect and renew and be reborn
and to examine your motives and the 
reasons why you do the things you do.
Are you willing to change and throw out
the behaviors that no longer work for you?

I have my faults...and my strengths...
 I choose to carefully nurture
and develop the things in me that
are good and will make me a better
person...and one that I am proud of.
This sometimes means taking a hard cold look
at who you really are.  Sometimes
the things we think are “cute” are in
truth immature, rude and unbecoming.

all art work by Guiseppe de Piero
Because what I like are people that are
doers and not talkers.   Creative people.

Givers and not takers.

The ones that take the time and sweat
and toil to accomplish their dreams and goals.


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