Friday, February 19, 2010

Estate sale friday...

Got up at the crack of dawn to hit todays estate sales. These are always a hit or miss kind of thing and after waiting in line for two hours one hopes to find something, anything...The ad showed promise.. "Nothing thrown away for 50 years" "Four generations worth of stuff" "Quality items from England and France"
I was stoked!!
The clock was ticking down....Almost 8 o'clock..Door is opening...
What the....!!! Is this the same house they described so gloriously
in the ad??? Excitement turned to oh that sinking feeling...
faded chintz was brown and white transferware last years Target,
old tarnised silverware nowhere in sight....delicate laces,silk crepe nightgowns,
old jewelry bits and bobs...nothing...nada...zilch..
Empty handed and defeated I got in my car to drive to the nearest bathroom...
( I needed that for two hours now )
Stopping at the nearest It's a Grind for my first cup of coffee(ahh..)
Back to the classifieds to plan out tommorrows ...100 years of stuff..


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