Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the west coast is awake...'s going to take a little discipline to wake up, drink a quick cup of coffee and start writing!!
This is after years of leisurely sipping my cappuccino, looking out the window at the bird feeder,stroking the cats and taking my time getting it together(or not!)...
I have always said I wanted to be a writer, and this is what writers do(well at least
that is what they do in books and in the bear with me as I stumble
and fumble along...My actual work is on my own time..when I am at home,I can take my time.
When I go to England to shop, the antique fairs are always a long drive away... usually it is raining or worse...You are jarred awake by a horrid sounding hotel alarm clock, you fall out of bed,tired from tossing and turning all night(in fear that the alarm won't go off) fall out of bed , pull on the same dirty jeans you wore for the last week, all for the chance at the prize...a thrill like no other, running through wet damp fields to get to the gate and when they open up,charging in like a herd of crazed animals , all for the promising possibility to get at that box first, to see that faded Liberty print curtain panel just as it is pulled out of the back of the dealers truck...or not...


kelro said...

Hey there! You go grrrrrrrrrrrrrl. Journey of a thousand miles and all of luck. kr

Jeanette said...

Jeanette here from Everton Terrace. Thanks for the info on the quote - did you just happen to know that? I don't have a fancy camera. Believe it or not I just use a little Fujifilm FINEPIX 10.2 Mega Pixel, tiny point and shoot. It's about the size of the palm of my hand.

Fire Byrd said...

Sounds like you've been to Newark for antique buying.
I agree with you though finding treasure is such a treat.
Part of my being a woman of a certain age is no longer yearning for things and shopping. It's taking my time not to rush but give myself permission to stop and watch the birds when I can.

Tamra said...

Have wanted to be a writer for years just don't know where to start! Good luck and keep us posted as to how it goes!



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