Friday, March 19, 2010


  The day was going well.  I had been to my mall space in Santa Monica to tidy and replenish my stock.  Things were not in too bad of a disaray, so my work was light.   I had hours to spare before I picked up my husband at his studio, and feeling a bit peckish, I thought I get some lunch at a nearby Mexican Restaurant.
  I was just finishing my food when someone came into the restaurant saying "does anyone own a black Volvo station wagon?".  I turned to him and said "yes, I do."  He said "well someone just hit your car and drove off!"  Following him out to the carpark I looked at the state of my car and oh boy yes indeed someone certainly had hit my car..  The entire passenger side had a long hideous white scrape and gouge in it..

               oh no.... 



     Three men were standing near it, one of which was the one that came into the restaurant.  They had seen it happen.  A man that had gotten a to -go order came hastily out and backed out of his space, knew that he hit me and then pulled out quickly and made a hasty retreat out of the place.  They had gotten three of the numbers on the license plate and the make of the car.   Then out of nowhere a woman came up to me, talking on the phone, saying she was speaking to the police and that she had gotten the entire license plate number, type of car, and description of the guy!!  She then gave me her phone number and so did the men that saw it happen.

This whole thing was made a lot better for me because of the kindness of strangers and the willingness to participate in the apprehension of this man.  So much was handled for me by the time I got to the scene that I didn't have to do anything.  Because someone got a license plate number,  when the police arrived, he was able to look up this  plate number and find the man that did it.

    When something like this happens, it eases the pain when you know that the person who did it did not get away with it.    
   So...take the time if you can to help someone in need.  Strangers that are going through someting like this need a helping hand.  Thank you "JD" and the two men who helped me..



kelro said...

Ah, that explains why we hadn't heard from you. Drama! Glad you're okay.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Something like this can really renew your faith in people! Well, at least in some people. Not the jerk who hit your car and left the scene of the accident.

marta said...

thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog! i wanted to let you know i updated my website to am excited to browse your pretty space. happy weekend. xo.

Rosemary said...

How nice of those people to help out.
I'm so sorry this happened.
My husband works in Santa Monica.
Are you heading to the flea market this Sunday?
Hope you have a nice weekend!!

PK Studios said...

Oh noooo Cynthia! I'm so sorry! Wanna hear another funny coincidence? I've been driving a Volvo station wagon for the last 10 years and just moved into my hubby's Volvo "SUV". A couple of weeks ago, distracted as usual..I backed my "new" volvo into my old volvo and dented BOTH! On the bright side, at least you are not responsible! : )

Pooch Morning Glory said...

poor volvo! ....but there is always a silver lining if you choose to see it.... and you DO !
have a great day

Chris said...

Ohhh man!!! I'm so glad that many rose to the occasion and did their best to help you~~~But you still get to deal with a crunched car. Rats! And I take your advice to heart. It is good to help eachother whenever we can. Thanks for posting this misadventure~~~

Fire Byrd said...

I'm pleased that so many people were there to help you, renews your faith in people.
Not like the time someone came on my drive and engraved the words sex and the C word on my car!

maurakeith said...

Oh Cynthia...what a terrible thing to happen! Thank goodness for the kindness of's wonderful to know that there are still people like this out there. I hope it doesn't take too long to get your car fixed. Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving a comment..I answered you back but if you're like me...I forget to go back! I swear if my head wasn't screwed on I'd forget it. Anyway I hope your day got better...take care of yourself friend.....Maura XXX

La Petite Gallery said...

That is an OH DAMN! day. It just happened to a friend with brand new car. It's the Pit's.

The Good thing is you are Safe,,
God bless, yvonne

miss*R said...

yes, the kindness of strangers :)

[and the kindness of you over the past weeks with my biopsy & fear, I thankyou xoxo]

Jeanette said...

This reminds us that most people are good. I'm so sorry about your car - what a big ole' drag. I just told my husband this story and he said "it was Martha Stewart"! Ha ha. I hope you'll show up photos of your booth!

jaboopee said...

oh dear, all's well that ends well,
you've reminded me of a similar incident I heard of . where the driver who crashed into the parked car immediately got out and wrote a note and put it on the windscreen of the damaged car...the owner came out to discover the damaged car and the note which said ' sorry i crashed into your car, I writing this in the hope that onlookers won't take down my details as they'll assume i'm writing them here..."

the axes are significant others , i'm learning the skins !

Oz Girl said...

Wow, he really did some serious damage to your car... yay for the kind hearted strangers who helped you!!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yi yi. I am so sorry. That stinks. But how nice that strangers came to your aid. That doesn't happen often enough.

Glad no one was hurt.

Happy weekend.

Pam said...

Glad you had witnesses. Like Jaboopee's comment,I couldn't work out what the blank piece of paper was, under the windscreen of my damaged car,'til someone pointed out what Jaboopee's comment explained.Bad enough and insulting for the culprit to write something deceitful, but pretending to write it is also low. Didn't think that people could be so dishonest and sneaky.Hope your car is fixed soon, and glad you weren't hurt.

Punctuation Mark said...

sorry it happened to you and nice for people to help out... have a nice sunday!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh that is too bad, but hey how good are those people. Hope everything gets fixed for you soon.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Well DANG !!!!
Be sure to tell us how this comes out...and if his insurance company will pay for the damagaes..for FIGHTS you about it.
And did he get a ticket for "leaving the scene" ?
I hope so.

GOOD FOR THOSE OTHERS...and thank goodness for cell phones.



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