Tuesday, April 13, 2010


  I have been searching for you...you were never to be found.   I have looked in nooks and crannies.
In dirty garages with dust motes floating and cobwebs dripping and smells smelling and grunge lurking.
 I know you were somewhere...but where?   How long must I search?   Other people have found you...
I've seen you with them but you were always just out of my reach.  And then suddenly, that Sunday
morning, turning the corner, there you were! I approached quickly, knowing how desireable you
are.          Everybody wants you...   But now you are mine!

I don't care that you are a little boy (Twiggy?)  and not a full blown woman...You have the characteristics
I craved.   The long slender neck.  The gentle curve of the shoulder.  And your skin!  Just the right
golden, color...the perfect amount  of crazing....Born in the 40's (one of my favorite decades!)
I dress you up in one of my favorite old silk nightgowns... The hand embrodiered lace slips and 
slides gently over your delicate skin.  Of course it fits you...A perfect clothes horse.
I put you in the alcove with the Eastern exposure...Look at how the light hits
your contours.. A Burne- Jones Painting!!  
I put you in my Wedding Dress...Again...Perfect..

My Muse...My Galatea... My Jane Burden...
A Perfect  Model.

And now gentle reader...check out this hot woman-child in
the Beatnheart Boutique!!  We're right next door..
  Already I have been designing new things...
just for her.


Jeanette said...

Congratulations! Looks great. I've had my eye out for an old fabric one for a while now. Keep thinking I'll see one on my trip to Illinois/Wisconsin, with no way to get it home - ha. Your jewelry is lovely.

Riki Schumacher said...

We need a name for him/her? Maybe something like Michael, or Pat!! Ha ha. Thanks for stopping by, the workshop was great. We did have one from southern Cal, so I'll let you know next time. Beautiful pieces, love them! Riki

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I came by to say hello! I was set up at Grayslake, Illinois and saw your comment on another blog so came by to say hello to a former midwesterner. Hope to see you when you come to Elkhorn. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes! What a perfect way to showcase your creations! You might name her after the Buddhist goddess, Kwan Yin, who is always portrayed as completely flat-chested!

Pam said...

Wow! I look at the setup you have here at Beatn'Heart and that you "got your first computer in January" and started the "daunting" foray into blogging in early February. Girl, you've taken off big time in the last couple of months!! Congratulations on your creative ventures Cynthia, including your latest purchase on Sunday. What fun! Looks great!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Cynthia
She's a beauty... reminds me of me before the midlife spread... more boyish than woman!! haha... but what I love more is your wedding dress.. how gorgeous!! Thanks for your lovely comments on my anniversary post... seems strange to have been blogging a year already. ... Have fun xx Julie

Chris said...

LOVE the mannequin! And gosh, your wedding dress is fabulous~~ Your pieces look even better draped around its neck. Super find!

Tish Jett said...

She's lovely. With a figure like that she can wear anything.

Do you talk to her?

Laura Hegfield said...


Pooch Morning Glory said...

ya shes cool. you will have to tell us when you name her.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Cynthia! I have been lost in gardening and yardwork here on the farm and enjoying the lilacs so I am VERY behind in my Blog checking. What a wonderful find and perfect for showing your jewelry!!! Love that silk nighty and your wedding dress...that is BEAUTIFUL!!! You lucky girl to be married in that...wow! Glad you liked the photo's of the lilacs...hey come on over and we can sit and enjoy the lilac blossoms before they all fall off! We can sip a glass of wine or a Margarita or just coffee and breathe in that wonderful lilac country air. I hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday my friend....take care. Maura

PS...BEAUTIFUL Jewelry by the way...you've been a busy woman! PSS....I'm loving my neckace...by the way ladies...I'm the lucky girl who is wearing that Art Deco necklace on the side bar!!!!! Thanks again Cynthia.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Ahhhh! She (or he) is beautiful! But they must have a name. It's an unwritten law, an unspoken rule. At least in my house. ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

PK Studios said...

So perfect. I've been looking for that special "girl" to show my creations on too... still searching! Your photos are lovely....the dresses, your baubles...perfect marriage. And thanks for your kinds comments...yes, I'm enjoying the gorgeous weather... especially since there is more rain on the way! Cheers, Penny

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

You certainly have a passion for this "find" of yours....I will assume it is a SHE..seeing that she has on a fancy nightgown and female jewelry .

Great lighting on her too.

Sure like your creations...don't wear necklaces very often myself...but admire them on other women.

THANK you for stopping by my blog...I so very much appreciate your comments.


PK Studios said...

Hi Cynthia,
Since both of us are basically newbies to blogging and online selling, we need to have patience and just keep doing what we love. I DO get discouraged sometimes (especially with the investment!) but just like you, I love what I do ...cannot imagine NOT doing it! I just need to find more ways to market besides Etsy and blogging. I'm also wearing my pieces and handing out cards wherever I go! I am learning a lot through Etsy forums too. I think you should send photos of your pieces to Victoria Magazine... your pieces are SO perfect for them! I'll put Long Beach Japanese Gardens with you on my Artist Date list ...that would be fun. Hugs, Penny


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