Saturday, April 24, 2010


For our anniversary, we went to The Mission Inn in Riverside, California.  This hotel is a jewel and one of the most beautiful places I have ever
 seen here in California.

I took over 200 photographs of it.   She is that photogenic!!

Hushed beauty on the inside

Della Robbia Plaques

surround the inside courtyard...

Every nook, every cranny is beautiful.   This is the inner courtyard which contains one of many restaurants on the property.  This hotel is as close to being in Europe as one can get here in California.

 Two parrots reside at the entryway into the hotel.
There have been two parrots since the opening
of the hotel......
The original parrots are shown here in a tile floor
that is on the entry to one of the many beautiful

Ironwork, Sconces, trompe l'oeil, has it all
in quality and quantity....

Tiles of every description...

Some rooms have these great balconies...

Fountains?   Oh yeah, we've got those..

One of the many of thousands of features in this beautiful, historic hotel.

Italy? ... Southern California Baby!

 the many stained glass windows

Another beautiful Tile Mural...

    The Mission Inn is located in Riverside, California.  From Long Beach it is about 57 miles east or an hours drive without traffic.   Riverside was famous in its heyday for orange groves and it was also a stop for trains. Many US presidents stayed at this hotel.   It has about seven different restaurants.  We had lunch in a pretty little outdoor one that featured delicious Italian food.  We then walked around the town and stopped in a delightful little museum,  a University of California museum of Photography and  saw countless other beautiful buildings including a church on every corner.  
As the sun was setting, we went back to the hotel for tea and dessert.  We found the most
 elegant and romantic spots in the hotel.  Plush velvet armchairs...Fine bone china tea service...Beautiful Linens...  You are treated like visiting royality here.  Impeccable service.   And the dessert I had was one of the best I've ever had and I have had a few in my time!   Worth every sinful, decadant bite.   Sorry, the lighting was so low the photo I took of it did
not turn out so great.  You will just have to trust me on this one...

We did not spend the night this time.  Can I now say that I wish we would have?  We did spend a night a few years ago.   It was heaven on earth.  You never have to leave the property.  They give tours and you get to see areas  that people just walking in cannot see.   Many weddings are held here in the most romantic little Chapel and the lucky bride and groom are able to have their photography done on the grounds..
 This hotel was nearly torn down.  At one point it was boarded up and left for ruin.  Someone with lots of money and a vision restored it.     

Next time you are in Southern California make it a point to see this beautiful hotel.  It is well worth the drive.  And make sure you spend the night...  I assure you, this place will blow your mind. 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The Mission Inn looks fabulous! What a wonderful, romantic spot for a special anniversary!

Catherine said...

What a lovely place to stay! happy belated anniversary! catherine

mise said...

Beautiful, beautiful. Worth of Rome. Probably better than Rome but I don't like to admit it.

Paula said...

Stunning, I can hear the wispers of the past, stories never told, magic at every corner. Love it. Glad you hd such a great time and even better you allow us a glimpse in this time of happiness

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Awww Cynthia I wanted to see the dessert!!!! Just kidding. What a BEAUTIFUL hotel...that's too bad you didn't stay the night but I hope you go back again one day and do just that. THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking pictures while you were there and then posting them on your blog so we can all see what a wonderful place this is. I've never been to California but I'd go just to see YOU and then maybe visit here ;) It sounds like you had a wonderful time just walking around looking at things and taking pictures...I'd say it's well worth the trip. I'm glad you got to do something special on your Anniversary my friend. Lots of Love Maura

Jacqueline said...

Oh WOW, Cynthia. It looks amazing. Each photograph was a treat and, next time we go to the Sates, I will make sure that we visit The Mission Inn.
Once again, Happy Anniversary. XXXX

Rebecca said...

Hello Cynthia
What a gorgeous place! The pictures are so stunning and it sounds like you had such a lovely time. Congratulations on your anniversary, I wish you many more.
I have enjoyed reading through your posts, I will be back! Thank you
Many Blessings

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Beautiful Cynthia
Love all the details of this hotel... It has a sort of franco spanish feel to me.. [not that i have been to spain] interesting... the bougainvillea reminds me of italy... that beautiful deep pinky red .. we have it here too just missing the gorgeous architecture... Glad you had a wonderful getaway.. xx Julie

Jeanette said...

I have heard of this place but never seen it. Love it now. I'm sure you know, I have now put it on my list. My mother and I would have a field day there. Looks amazing. I'm glad you had a nice anniversary, and I'm happy you shared some of it with us.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh wow, it has so much character, you could just look at all the different views of it all day.

I would so check this out if I was lucky enough to come over, I just love the sound of it so much. Your meals sounded lovely.

xoxo DJ

steufel said...

What a lovely place. But unfortunatly it's too far from here in Germany to step by:-) But I really enjoyed looking at your picture. Your jewelry is awesome too! regards Stefanie

Fire Byrd said...

How lovely that you and David were able to have such a lovely romantic day and desert! in such a glorious place.
It says something about the strength of your relationship that you wanted to go somewhere so beautiful to celebrate your love for each other.
Here's to the rest of your lives together.

PK Studios said...

I've never been but I was just talking to someone the other day about it! My mom and her sisters spent a weekend there once. I had heard it was lovely but so nice to see your fabulous photos of the grand dame! Fun!

Why S? said...

Hi! First, thanks for visiting my blog. 2nd, those are some stunning pics. I've had lunch at the Mission Inn and walked through on a little mini-tour. Never spent the night. Maybe sometime this year though. Maybe on the way to Palm Springs for our anniversary . . . ?

Pooch Morning Glory said...

awesome cynthia. what a beautiful place to celebrate your special day

nostalgia*gal said...

Howdy my Cali sister!
Waking up to strong coffee, resting after the flea market. Popped in to read.

Your pics make me so homesick for sure!
Your photo's are a true artist! Love em!

Those letters...I checked for you and he is asking $75 each.
Cheers, blessings and hugs,

kelro said...

Sold!! After talking to you about it the other night, Michelle and I are just waiting for a time to go. Maybe Memorial weekend. Even more excited by what you've shown here on the blog


Oz Girl said...

Wow, so utterly gorgeous, it's mind-blowing... it just screams history at every turn!! :) I love it.


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