Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to me from Sooty.

Imagine if you will Sooty playing Happy Birthday
to me on his xylophone.

Today I am 59 years old.   My mother always
told me to lie about my age. 

I never was very good at listening to her.


oldgreymare said...

nanananana I am younger than you!
by a mere 10 months ..so it matters NOT!
Nor does any age.
Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Fire Byrd said...

And I'm two years and five months younger......
What gets me about this decade has been despite the terrible life events this has been the best decade. The one where I get to kind to myself and learn to truly be happy in my own skin ( well most of the time!!)
I wish you a very Happy Birthday and wonderful year ahead full of good things and dreams coming true.

loveandlilac said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm 59 later this month - and I was raised on Sooty and Sweep!
Louise xx

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Many happy returns! Play on, Sooty, play on.

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh Happy Birthday Cynthia!! Have a great one. I just had a birthday a month ago. But I don't know Sooty, sorry!! I'm imagining it anyway. Have a fabulous day, and month! Hugs, Riki

Gracie's Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Cynthia...have a marvelous day!

Davinia said...

I'm of a similar age Cynthia and like Fire Byrd feel it's my best decade too.
Memories came flooding back when I saw Sooty, I just adored him when I was little, he had such personality.
Have a wonderful day and the happiest of birthdays to to you.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Cynthia,
Happy, happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. I wish you a wonderful day.
I had my own Sooty and his magic wand. Every Thursday night was 'magic night' in our house when we were children and, as soon as my dad got home from work, he would fashion the evening newspaper into a big cone, and I was sent off to get sootys magic wand. Dad would swish it around the top of the newspaper cone and say, izzy wizzy, lets get busy, and, low and behold, chocolate bars and sweets of all different colours would come tumbling out of the newspaper. We always looked forward to magic night.
Have a magical day Cynthia. XXXX

Red Rose Alley said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you had a special day.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYNTHIA!!! I'm not far behind you...I'll be 59 come January 2nd...holy cow where has the time gone!!! I hope you had a WONDERFUL day my friend.
Maura :)

PK Studios said...

Happy Birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true! Hugs, PK

Catherine said...

A very Happy Birthday Cynthia! Hope you had a wonderful day, Blessings from Catherine

Pam said...

I'd forgotten about Sooty, and yes, I remember now I had a Sooty puppet too! Happy Birthday Cynthia. I'll catch up to you next February. Hope you had a great day full of good things.

Pam said...

Read your comment on my post Cynthia. Haha! This comment says I'll catch up TO you next February, not WITH you...meaning years-wise. I didn't do too badly as a 58 year old with the wheelchair sports eh? Early training for when I reach the wrong side of 80.
Hope your Mum is O.K., and that you are busy making your birthday wishes come true.

Chris said...

Missed your birthday! So Sorry Cynthia! Don't know where I was....MIA. I hope it was fun! And I love Sooty too! Hugs~~


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