Friday, January 28, 2011

For the Love of Vintage Clothes...

I have had a passion for vintage clothing since I
bought this very nightgown 
out of the 25 cents drawer at the old St. Vinnie’s
in Sheboygan, Wisconsin...

 The year was 1971...

This was one of the best I ever bought and the
fact that it has my mothers name on it only adds
to its appeal

tiny little stitches applique this lace onto the gown..
the monogram is the most delicate stitching...
unheard of today.

Since then, the allure of silk and handmade
lace has caused by heart to skip a beat when
I spot things like this at an Estate Sale...

this one was a recent find...found at the
bottom of a box with 3 others...
one with a matching bed jacket.

This exceptional nightgown is sewn on the bias with a halter top
and cut out back...

The fabric is a beautiful, flowery, rayon print...
circa 1930’s.

Vintage clothing gives you the opportunity to stand out...
to not look like anyone else
to be unique.
and for the most part
if you are very diligent
you find these things at a fraction
of what it costs to buy new...

The quality is incomparable...

hand sewn seams

tiny, tiny stitches

sometimes made by hand with the utmost care...

Through out the years I have bought and sold many
beautiful antique clothes...

some I wish I still had.

The days of finding these shirts for 5o cents is long gone.

This one was $195 at a vintage clothing store on
Melrose Avenue in Hollywood.

why oh why didn’t I buy these shoes?

You can still find beautiful things.  I do it all the time
and it’s for that reason I’m up tomorrow  morning at 5:30,
gulp down my coffee, jump in the car map in one hand,
the morning paper in the other with all the garage and estate sales
circled,as I do my rounds in the dim morning light 
searching for the next best thing...

Here’s to all you fellow hunters...
Happy Hunting this Weekend..


collage whirl said...

You have a wonderful eye--those nightgowns are gorgeous!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Wishing you many irresistible finds!

Barbara Jean said...

These are beautiful!!

Love the blue one!!

I have some more clock crystals on my blog if you want any.
Also, watches, whole, you can take apart and use what you want.
Let me know if you are interested in any.


barbara jean

miss*R said...

I love vintage clothes too.. my passion are hand knitted cardies.
have fun tomorrow!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Gorgeous nightgowns. I am also a lover of vintage clothing, well vintage everything. Wish I could dash around in the car with you - we could do some damage at those sales I bet:)

Kath said...

How exciting, I wish I could come with you!

Chris said...

How fun!!! I wish I was on the "hunt" with you! I LOVE the pieces that you featured here and really look forward to seeing your found treasures from today....I can almost "see" you in my minds eye, bundled up and cruising the quiet streets in the darkness. Have a lovely time.

Gracie's Cottage said...

Those nighties are yummy! Oh for the days of the 25 cent finds...

Happy hunting today - will be looking forward to seeing what you find


Fire Byrd said...

Oh the things I've let slip through my fingers, that I so regret, the Clarice Cliff tea service too expensive at £100, the black chiffon 1920.s dress in four layers from camisole to petticoat to dress to slip coat, just too frivilous, the Davenport desk £150 too expensive.
Hey ho
I do have lots of lovely things though, beautiful powder compacts, silver cigarrette cases, my Grandmothers 1920s fur coat, a collection of old tins. So I have to let go of what I never had and appreciate what I do.
Hope you found lots of treasure.

Jacqueline said...

Oh Cybthia,
If only I lived near you.....actually, the same country would be good !!!! haha.....I would be sitting in the passenger seat navigating.
I have never been a designer girl, always wanting to be more individual and unique and that's where vintage clothes come in. I love going to Camden market and buying vintage clothes.....and, they are so much more beautiful and better made than modern clothes......i I have been wearing men's waistcoats fron the '20's that I bought in a second hand clothes shop in Cambridge ages ago.....t's just a shame that the dealers have caught on and everything is so much more expensive, although not nearly as expensive as top designer clothes.
Happy hunting and I hope that you come home with some lovely pieces. XXXX

La Petite Gallery said...

You really have a eye, just lovely items. you are so right, there is nothing like it in todays

stop over I have a vintage story.

koralee said...

Oh I adore vintage daughter has many...she looks darling in them.

I will always come visit you my mean a lot to me...and you are such a blessing...hugs for a great great new week. xoxo

The Antiques Diva™ said...

25 cents?! Did I read that right? That is amazing!!! It's beautiful!


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