Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Working away...

In my continuing search for something new and different
(well for me at least)  I have become infatuated with these long
dangly earrings.  I have realized that as you get older a earring
that hangs near chin level adds a brightness and sparkle to your face
and makes me feel more cheerful and happy.

These frames are fun to make but oh boy what a challenge for
me to try and make them alike and also balance the components...
They are like little mobiles for the ears... so they sway and move.
 I used vintage Czech beads on these from a broken old necklace from the 1930
 now brought back to life in a new form.

Here are some long simple “ dreadlocks”    I used tiny jasper, bone and
other natural beads on these.  I thought they were pretty cool and hip. They have sold so I guess someone else seems to think so too.  

I am also fighting the urge (big) to buy more beads..!
I just love looking at the beads in Etsy shops and my shopping cart is full of them...
They seem to inspire new ideas but really I am fully stocked...only problem is is
that my tastes have changed so much since I first started to buy beads that now
I’m not so jazzed about what I have...it is a continual problem...I just have to
find ways to use what I have.


Alice said...

Your earrings are just amazing! I love these long designs and I'm not surprised that the dreadlocks already sold!

Lela said...

both of those are just so gorgeous... I need a lesson in how you do that wire wrapping because I love it!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your earrings are brilliant Cynthia. I always love your designs as they are 'different' ( and I mean that in a nice way !!!!)
The holes in my ears have closed up and, because I wear so much in the way of bracelets, necklaces and rings and that my hair is long, I decided not to have them redone.
......and, I know that you will do something fantastic with the beads that you have. Much love. XXXX

PK Studios said...

LOVE your little mobiles! So pretty, rustic, exotic and fun! Love the oxidized wire too : )

Lucie said...

I love your mobile earrings! Delicate and rustic in the same time! And about changes of taste and stock of beads, it's the same here

13 said...

Love the design of the first and the dreadlocks are a great statement. When I buy beads now I go for handmade ones, but I've got a lot of cool vintage ones left to use. I may be opening a supply shop in the new year!

Sparrow said...

I have the same problem with my supplies, 70% of them are things I wouldn't use in my ideal style. But I bought em, so I'm usin' 'em. It's good for a time when I'm bored with what I make but I don't know what comes next, it keeps me going through the paces. And Fanci has forbidden me to buy more supplies, so there's that.

Kath said...

They are stunning. You have a unique and personal style, I would know your work anywhere.
We have a fine bead shop here in Glastonbury, I have to run past quickly LOL
I did buy some skull beads to make a simple bracelet for my DIL.

Chris said...

Hi Cynthia~~Love the mobile dangly pieces! And I do relate to changing tastes....I really need to purge lots of old stuff~~
You sound busy and productive!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, it looks to me like you have come up with lots of new ideas! BRAVA, my dear....They are wonderful!
Maybe you should put the Beads you aren't interested in anymore on your Etsy shop...!


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