Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun Control....

  What more has to happen?  Why  do people fight so hard against gun control?  Where does
a 2o year old kid get semi-automatic weapons?  These guns are not for hunting...they
are for killing people.  And if the gov steps in and trys banning them all the pro-gun
idiots will be out there claiming its against their rights.   Would they feel the same if
it was their 6 year old kid that was killed? 

I feel sick today.  When will we learn?  when are things going to change.?   These kids have spent
their whole lives sitting at home playing violent video games and we wonder why this is happening.
They watch horrible, violent movies and Hollywood doesn’t want to take any responsiblity either...
they just want their millions.  Ask yourself why is this happening?  Violence is a way of
let your kids watch and do what they want...heaven help you if you have to discipline them or say
no.  Music is the worst... I'm open minded and love a lot of current music.. I even like Taylor Swift now because I think she is a positive role model to young girls and gives them information in her songs how to take control of your life.  This wasn’t happening when I was a kid...unheard of!

More will come out but i betcha its a kid who was home all day without supervision and had violent
video games and a bunch of money to buy semi-automatic weapons...and oh yeah, they always wear
protective clothing....bullet proof stuff...why is that?  So they don’t get shot?   No I think its because
they are copying what they see in the games and movies.  Why does this young kid have the money to buy this stuff?  Does he have responsibilites at home?   Does he pay rent and bills?   If he  did he wouldn’t have money for such stuff.

  Something has to
be done...and it starts with a banning of semi-automatic weapons...period.
It starts with the makers of these games... take responsibility for what they are putting
out there.  Some are R rated but still the kids watch and play them.
And go out there and throw a ball to a kid...why too is it always boys?
You never see a young girl doing this...yet.   She’s to busy copying
the slutty stuff that they are being fed by the media.

Who needs the fiscal cliff...who cares about 12-21-12
we are already living a nightmare that seems to be
getting worse...

Think Peace...


Lela said...

Agree. And yes, it's sickening.

Alice said...

I agree. Something has to happen. My heart goes to everyone involved.

Patty said...

Well said.

Our society has ratcheted up the violence in our 'entertainment' to the point where our children are swimming in a polluted "cultural" soup. Look at our music, movies and
video games for the back story here.

oldgreymare said...

I can barely cope with this and I have to make cookies tonight and the disparity is glaring to me is all so sad..

Flotsam Tide said...

Thank you for opening up and writing about this, what occurred today goes beyond tragedy. As a mother of a 6 year old I feel numb... I hope that some truly meaningful change can be manifested in the consciousness of our society towards violence .

louise said...

I hope your President can turn his moving words into positive action. Sharing you pain and anger this morning and sending love to our US friends.

My Rocket Launcher said...

Lets pray for the victims. Can't believe that you guys are still living with a 17th century gun law. When will those people learn that we are in the 21st century ?

I've started this campaign for "our rights to carry rocket launchers". It tries to create awareness of how ridiculous are the gun lovers campaign. Hope you visit my site and spread the message.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

A terrible tragedy. Apparently his guns were legally registered in his mother's name. My thought was the same as yours -- who needs that level of weaponry for home protection? It's just crazy.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Am thinking of all those who have been touched by such horror......I cannot even begin to contemplate what they are going through Cynthia. I just don't know what the answer is. XXXX

Hoku said...

violent video games and movies desensitize people...we need a new world.

Joanna Jenkins said...

"Think Peace" I like that very much.

It's interesting, I've been reading blogs all day and so many have been about the terrible shooting and FOR gun control yet nothing ever seems to happen. Seriously, I've read ONE post that was against changing the gun rules and at least 50 FOR. So WTH is going on and why are things changing?!?! It makes me crazy. Ugh.

xo jj

La Petite Gallery said...

I am with you all the way. If I could get my hands on the gun salesman I'd beat him with a bat.
What's next Missiles in my neighbors yard> Where does it stop. Nukes on my other neighbors yard? Shut down the Gun shops and the Gun shows, they sell to anyone with no ID. I have see it. A man bought enough guns to start an army. Sicko's



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