Friday, December 28, 2012

Ukelele Club

My living room was filled with over 25 members of
the Long Beach Uke Club for a holiday gathering...

My home was filled with joy, laughter, food
and the extraordinary folks who belong to the club.

Uke players are the best people...
and making music is the greatest way I  know to
get by in this sometimes harsh and troubled world.
It eases stress, people like it and you fill your time with a productive
and entertaining.

My home glows and comes alive when it is filled with
living breathing musicans.

Playing the uke is easy and fun...I have played it
all over the country, as many places have clubs,
retreats and festivals.  I have played with strangers who became friends.
  If you never thought you could
play a musical instrument give a uke a try...
or get one for your kid...


Kath said...

What a happy gathering. My toes are tapping just imagining you all playing, laughing and making merry!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

How lovely Cynthia ..... what can be better than filling the house with the people that you have fun with.
A house filled with music is a happy house. XXXX

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Ukes are cool and The Ukettes are the coolest!

betweenreader said...

Oh my, I have a beautiful bamboo uke but haven't yet learned to play it -- I get all hung up about doing it right! Will you be my ukeguru?

Terra said...

That sounds like fun and spirit lifting.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I bet you all have a FABULOUS time! Music is so very soothing, in every way...! I think I wrote about buying my first Uke, (It was a Martin) in 1949! And then, years later, I bought a Martin "Baritone" Uke in 1962-63.....And played it on Broadway...! I LOVE IT!!!
Now, with my fingers all arthritic...I cannot play it anymore...Sad, but True. But I LOVE the Uke and all the many kinds of playing one can do...!

artistic rejuvenations said...

sounds delightful! happy new year! xoxo

Lela said...

How wonderful! Our children can play...I only play at it. ;)

Happy New Year, Cynthia!


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