Thursday, March 14, 2013

Petra’s good things.

There is nothing like some great beads to get the creative juices flowing.
Petra, who sells out of her etsy shop, ScorchedEarth, provided these
fine little leaves that were the starting point for these earrings.
I altered them a bit to add some cohesion and also cause I can never leave anything alone, using a new to me product, Baroque Art gilders paste in Verdigris.   I smeared some of it on with my finger,
and then polished it off with a cloth.  Then I added some of my handy dandy
(well my husbands actually which I pilfered out of his studio)  Rub' n' Buff
European Gold in bits here and there.  I thought that the green on both beads pulled the two together a bit more.   Luckily, she got back to me and said she liked it so I haven’t like ruined her creations.

Here you can see my grimy fingerprints which I kinda like...
adds that personal touch.

In the same little bundle of happiness that I got from her English
countryside studio, were these hot little numbers that I had a wee bit
of input on in the making...a collaboration of  sorts, well at least
that is the way I like to look at it.

Petra had made these first as bigger bars to use for a bracelet link.
I said “ Can you make these smaller for use in earrings”
mostly cause I don’t make those kind of bracelets and I loved the look of these.
And so she did...

I was going to go my usual route but stopped myself after seeing that
this was enough...I liked it.  Why go all crazy when sometimes simple is best..
  Besides, less work means less time means a lower price can be asked
and I like to make my things available for all budgets...

The  first pair is up in the shop and the second pair is in the “photography studio”
waiting to be primped up a bit.

Petra’s cool, whimsical pieces are available for purchase 24/7
in her etsy shop .  She adds to it all the time and
things go fast.  She never seems to run out of ideas and just by
looking through her shop you come up with a load of cool ideas you
can use.

 Here’s the link to her shop...
ScorchedEarth on Etsy.

toodles, bh


oldgreymare said...

went to visit her- love those heart connectors <3
keep creating can tell it makes you happy

Lela said...

Your earrings look great! And, yes, Petra's work is so fun. I'm way away from my bench right now or I'd be ordering more from her. I just how it kick starts the desire to create...when you have her stuff.


Lela said...

(*love* how it kick starts.)

artistic rejuvenations said...

i so dig petra and her work! totally cool of you to show her off in your wonderful creations! xoxo

Juliette Williams said...

Beautiful work, Cynthia! It turns out that Petra got a request from me too, to make the mosaic (Multi colored) bracelet focals into earring pieces. I think at the same time, too! xoxo

Beatnheart said...

Great minds think alike Juliette.

Petra Carpreau said...

Awwwwwww - you're making me rather red and blushy (no, it's not the gin!). Tooooo too kind, Cynthia - thank you so much, and I'm really glad you're enjoying your diddlers.Thank you to you other lovelies too for your wonderful comments - they mean the world to me. xoxo :O)

Beatnheart said...

Lookit how cute she is standing by her kiln...

Terra said...

You two collaborate well together and the earrings are beauties.

La Petite Gallery said...

You both do beautiful work.
Cynthia you are very creative. Keep up the Artwork, it is art.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You've done justice to the lovely beads! The colors are so stunning and you're transformations into earrings is perfect.
xo jj


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