Friday, January 29, 2016

A brand new Fawmer is a Fawmling.

Portrait of a brand new Fawmling.

I have signed up for Fawm, which stands for February Album Writing Month.  It is a songwriting challenge that invites the participant to write 14 songs in one month.  This is quite a monumental task for me to take in hand, seeing as I have only just started to write my own songs and am very new to the actual recording process. I think. however, that this will move me forward into becoming a better songwriter.

The challenge begins on February 1st.  I have already signed up for a "skirmish" which means you have to write a song within one hour of opening time...Yikes!  I do feel that this will be nothing but a win-win for will propel me forward and get me past fear and procrastination.

I have already connected to some real nice folks...Fawm is a lot like the blogging community.  They are kind, caring people with similar interests and goals.   I have had a lot of my questions answered by total strangers, people who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to contact me -some who I hope in time will become friends.  You can also collaborate with other songwriters...something I would love to try, but due to my limited recording facilities and file sharing 
ability with the program I am using, I shall have to wait until I get the hang of Garageband.

 Garageband, which is built into my computer is a maze...really difficult...I haven't even been able to record my music...  Wish I could.  I did manage to make a pretty freaky Techno Trance song which is a bunch of loops, sounds and me singing like a banshee, with lots of echo and effects...Kinda Kool!  But for this challenge, I will be using a simple app on my iPad called Spire.  It records 4 tracks and ought to work just fine for me at this stage of the is, after all, about the writing of the songs, so the production of the actual recording, at least for me, is not as important as finishing the challenge, meaning getting those 14
songs written. 

So if this sounds interesting to you, you have until February 1st to join in.
If you want to keep up with my writings here is the link to  


PipnMolly said...

May your muse help you soar through the 14 and more !

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

14 songs in a month Cynthia ? ..... that is a monumental task !! Our son is a composer, audio brander and sound designer and I'm sure he would find that quite a task !!!! I'm sure that you will do it and do it brilliantly ..... will we be able to hear your compositions ? May you find much inspiration. Sending love from the UK . XXXX

Anvil Artifacts said...

Yet another fascinating endeavor! I hope the songs come easily to you and that the month will be an enjoyable one.

Lela said...

You rock.

Beatnheart said... will be able to listen once I get started...
click that link in the post...they lead you to the Fawm site where my
songs will be posted...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, that is a lot of sone writing in a month but GO TO IT GIRL!!!! I think it's great.
xo jj


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