Tuesday, February 1, 2011

California Backyard Fruit...

These were brought to me from my neighbors tree.


deliciously juicy...


good for you...

Backyard Fruit Trees...

Really nothing quite like them, and here in Sunny, Southern California
fruit trees abound.

local lemons...

This year make it a resolution to plant fruit trees in your garden.
Because the joy you get from watching them grow,
nurturing them from little saplings
into mature trees.
 Is one of the great joys in life.

Bring Back the Old Days when backyard fruit trees were the norm,
and canning, cooking, baking and making jams and jellies were
common place kitchen skills.  I know most people don’t have
the time for this anymore, but we can all grab an apple off a tree
and then you are not contributing to the pollution caused by
fruit being shipped by trucks...fruit that is loaded with pesticides.

They are so simple to plant and care for and the rewards are tremendous.


my little baby peach tree has its first blossoms...

first blossoms on PINK LADY APPLE tree...

Tell me about the fruit trees in your life.
Perhaps your Grandmother had them...most did.

Go ahead and plant one in her honor.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

We have an apple tree in our backyard -- not quite a crab apple, not quite a full-sized apple. Sort of a big little apple, if you follow me. Not terribly good eating. But last year, we made a couple of pies with them.

mise said...

O for an orchard, and a lemon-growing climate. I feel some yearning coming on.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Unbelievable! And here I am carrying in more firewood!!
Ah, California!
But I do have my very own home grown broccoli on the menu tonight!

La Petite Gallery said...

Waist deep in snow, I am missing my Mango , lemon and orange trees in Florida. I have planted a pear tree and black bing cherry tree.
Last summer I had some cherries. I agree, People should grow some of their food. It taste
so much better off the tree.


Chris said...

We grew up in the high dessert. When I was about 12 years old, my Dad planted an apple tree in the middle of our yard of dirt. He carefully watered it and eventually we did have apples. Not to big or tasty, but we did enjoy them and enjoy the process of their growing. From flower to fruit~~

PK Studios said...

So you must be reading my mind...or I'm reading yours...as I was going to blog about the great citrus abounding in Ojai right now! We are fortunate to have a big Satsuma tangerine tree by our front door, already mature when we purchased our house. I'm paying Ben an allowance to gather them ever morning and peel them for juice! Your welcome to come up for a glass! : )

Pam said...

Oh the taste of succulant nectarines. Very occasionally these days,I will be fortunate enough to experience the taste and texture of one that will take me right back to memories of a nectarine tree in the backyard of my childhood, and our neighbours always had a glut of soft white-fleshed peaches to share with us, so juicy!
My grandparents had a great lemon tree. Their neighbour's fox terrier took great delight in using the fallen lemons for a game of fetch.
Someone would inevitably say,
"Doozle's at the back door waiting with a lemon again".

Fire Byrd said...

As a child we had apple trees and a pear tree in the garden. Alongside fruit bushes, gooseberrie, blackcurrents, raspberries it was lovely to go round picking fruit from the bush even when they were sour!

Privet and Holly said...

Only crab apple
trees in my current
yard, but in past
abodes have had
apples {that always
looked yukky} and
peaches, which I
learned to can and
make jam from : ) !!
That was pre-kids,
blogging...seems like
a very long time ago.
Maybe I should look
into planting a
Honeycrisp apple
tree, as they do very
well here!
xx Suzanne

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Oh Cynthia I can't even imagine how nice it would be to have an orange or grapefruit or lemon tree in my backyard! We do have peaches and apples,pears and plums....but of course no citrus here in Kansas. Unfortunately we have to fight with the birds who come by the thousands in a huge wave to strip our trees. Last spring was our first year on the farm and we didn't realize how bad the birds would be...hopefully this spring we'll get some fruit before they do! Enjoy your warm sunny garden my friend.
Maura :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh how I wish I had room for a fruit tree (or several) in our yard. But my neighbors are kind like yours and share their goodies with me. Nothing tastes better than fresh squeezed OJ in the morning :-)
Enjoy, jj

Fishtail Cottage said...

Fruit trees....i've tried! but it seems they have a particular hard time returning from the winter burn. You should come over & visit my Garden Party & peek at the gardens folks have posted - hope you link a post too! xoxo

Midwest to Midlands said...

How great to have fresh picked fruit from your neighbor. We have 3 apple trees in our backyard that were very productive last year. We gave away plenty and also made many batches of applesauce and froze apples too. We also have loganberries, raspberries for the first time last year and a plum tree planted this year. Hubby has been pruning the apple trees this week, so hopefully we will be blessed with another big crop. I agree you can't beat home grown fruit and veg.

Debbie said...

We have been trying to get fruit trees to produce for years and years. Some years our climate lets us - and other years it doesn't. We may try some nut trees next.


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